Kathmandu : A Middle Ground

Kathmandu is something of a middle-ground. With the stark intensity of traversing Indian terrain crisp in our recollections, a refuge from the inescapable animation of our most recent holiday destination was appealing (read about it here). Whilst we had no desire to entirely leave behind the seductive draw of barely controlled chaos, the opportunity to … Continue reading Kathmandu : A Middle Ground

The Seven Wonders of My Travelling World: 1-3

It is, perhaps, a dream of every travel enthusiast to visit the seven wonders of the world. Structures and locations that incite awe amidst natives and tourists alike wield an undeniable appeal. Like the stamping of a passport, adventurers are able to elicit a special kind of satisfaction from collecting photographs (or for the vainer … Continue reading The Seven Wonders of My Travelling World: 1-3